Stafford High School

2015-16 Spanish Course Syllabus

Profesora Evelin Mendez

Conference period: 4th Period             

Tutorials:  Monday and Tuesday 6:50 a.m. -7:20 a.m.

Phone: 281-261-9200 Ext. 3902


Texts: Realidades 1


Course Overview

Spanish 1 serves as an introduction to the Spanish language and culture.  Basic listening, speaking, reading, writing, viewing, and sharing skills are developed.  Communication skills are the primary focus of this course.  At the end of Level I, students will be able to express themselves and engage in simple conversation in Spanish within the limits of their knowledge of vocabulary and structure.


Course Objectives

The student will:

  • Engage in oral and written exchanges to socialize, to provide and obtain information, to express preferences and feelings and to satisfy basic needs.
  • Present information in oral and written form in a variety of formats.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of practices and products of the people of the cultures studied.
  • Use the language to obtain, reinforce or expand knowledge of other subject areas in the school, community and beyond.
  • Understand the inter-relationship of languages and cultures.
  • Use word recognition skills to read and listen for comprehension, identify the main idea, acquire information and expand vocabulary skills with a variety of materials.


Grading Scale

50% tests, major grades, projects

50% quizzes, daily/ homework & participation


  • Late work will accepted, however the max score for 1 day late is a 90, and 10 points will be deducted for every day after.


The evaluation of your progress from semester to semester will focus on your overall ability to use Spanish for communication, whether written or oral. The intent of every classroom activity, homework assignment and test will be to that purpose.


Attendance, Class Rules and Keys to Success

Attendance is extremely important to success in a foreign language. When you come to class, remember that you have to come on these terms:


The Common Five Rules


  1. Come to class prepared with all necessary materials


  1. When the bell rings, you will be in your seat and working on the warm-up


  1. Answer all questions in complete sentences


  1. C3B4ME – When in doubt, check 3 sources of information before asking the teacher


  1. Show what you know  - Complete an exit ticket daily


Make up Work

The assignments will be posted daily on the board.  When you are absent, it is the students’ responsibility to get their missing assignment(s) from the board.  Students have 1 day for every excused absence to turn in missed work. This is to be solicited by the student. Arrangements will be made for missed quizzes and tests.



Students are required to keep a notebook (or a section of a notebook) for Spanish work only! The notebook should be divided into the following 5 sections:


  • Forms: Course Syllabus/ Calendar/ Participation Sheet
  • Calentamiento (warm-up)
  • Notes
  • Daily assignments/Homework
  • Quizzes/Tests


There will be occasions when you may use your notebook for a quiz, so it is advisable to keep it organized and up to date with assigned work. Since we go over assignments and warm-ups in class, there is no excuse not to make 100’s on notebook quizzes. Make an effort to correct any wrong answers in class since quizzes will be checked for accuracy.  It will be your responsibility to stay on task and add any missed work on your notebook.



This is a warm up activity that students are to begin working on as soon as you enter the class. All students should be in their desks working on the calentamiento when the tardy bell rings. These need to be dated and kept in the appropriate section in your notebook. They will be collected and checked for a grade periodically. Students are expected to correct their answers when they are discussed with the teacher. There may be pop quizzes on warm-ups.



Students have the opportunity to earn participation points everyday in class. Students will get a participation tracking sheet that they must hold on to.  At the end of each three weeks every student receives a participation grade based on the total number s/he has earned. The grades are based on a sliding scale.  They may not be carried over from one six weeks to the next. This system is designed to encourage students to use the Spanish Language in class. However, failure to earn an adequate number will result in a failing participation grade.


Supply List (to be replenished as needed)

3 ring binder                                                              1 highlighter

5 tab dividers                                                             red pen

#2 pencils                                                                  Index cards

blue or black in pens                                                  pencil pouch

1 English to Spanish Dictionary or App                        notebook paper           

                                                                                 * a box of tissues would be highly appreciated

            I am looking forward to starting a new year with you!


                                                                       -Profesora Mendez


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