Syllabus: 8th grade

American History-Eighth Grade

Course Syllabus

Stafford Middle School

Mrs. Patty Blevins

Room 719 or 281-261-9200/3811


Course Description:

Eighth grade history covers the history of America from Colonization and settlement through Reconstruction.  We will use a variety of documents, texts, and works of literature to promote mastery of social study skills.  As a class, we will read, analyze, and discuss many different points of history.  Students will demonstrate their knowledge and comprehension of American History through daily assignments, quizzes, tests, projects and other assignments.

Grade distribution:

Daily Grades =  40%

Major Grade =  60%

*It is the responsibility of the student to request any work that they have missed due to being absent.


Ø  All students are expected to be in their seat before the bell rings.

Ø  All students are expected to bring supplies to class every-day.

Ø  All students should respect themselves and each other in the class.

Ø  All students are expected to do their best work and complete assignments.

Ø  All students are expected to have their cell phones powered off and out of view.


I am looking forward to having your child in class.  I will do my best to help your child reach their full potential this year.  Please review the class syllabus with your child.  Please complete the attached informational form and have your child return it to me.  I will be sending out informational pieces throughout the year via E-Mail.


Thank you,

Mrs. Patty Blevins