Mr. Byron Thompson


                                                                               Hello my name is.......
                                                                          Byron Thompson


A little about myself and my class...


A little about myself.....
Hello! My name is Mr. B. Thompson. This is my 12th year teaching in Texas, and my 10th year teaching at Stafford. I am originally from New Orleans - I lived there until I graduated from Xavier University. I became part of a volunteer mentoring program there, and that experience is where I found a love of teaching. Shortly thereafter, I married and relocated to California, where I lived for five years. I worked in the accounting department for a subsidiary of Apria Healthcare. I enjoyed my time there, but when an opportunity to move my family to Houston to teach presented itself, I took it.

About my class......
As it relates to a philosophy, I try to keep three things in mind when teaching:
-First, I want the child to be comfortable with the idea that they are capable of success in the classroom.
-Second, I want the student to see that understanding a problem solving process is just as important as getting the solution.
-Third, I try to show my students that PRACTICE makes PERMANENT, so constant participation must take place to ensure that material is learned on schedule.

Classroom policies in a nutshell....
For regular Science classes, daily assignments are 40% of the student's grade, Major assignments make up the other 60% (for Pre-AP students, that changes to 35%/65%). New homework assignments for the week along with their due dates are written on the board on the second day of each week. Homework is vital to proper learning, so parents be sure to follow up with your child to make sure homework is done. We try to make sure that the focus of the homework is on quality, not quantity - we also will make every effort to allow that enough time is given to complete each assignment before it is due. Both homework and class assignments are returned to the student with feedback, so if your child says that the homework is finished, then they should be able to show it to you. Classwork that is not finished in class counts as homework.

Period 1 - Conference

Period 2- 7th Pre-AP Science

Period 3– 7th Pre-AP Science

Period 4 – 7th Gen Ed Science

Period 5 – 7th Gen-Ed Science

Period 6 – 7th Gen-Ed Science

Period 7 – 7th Grade Pre-AP Science

Period 8 - 8th Gen-Ed Science