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Journalism Course News

Teacher: Mrs. Denise Ousley, Room 812  
Stafford Middle School Media Liaison & Yearbook Advisor 

Welcome and Guidelines

Reading: Parents, you can be a big factor in your student’s success.  Encourage reading often; ask your student about their reading and let your student see you reading. Remember that movies, performances, and video games are first written down as text.

Assignments: Class work will include learning interviewing techniques and practice interviewing. Writing biographies, personal profile stories, and feature articles will be part of our curriculum.

Homework: 1. Read at least 20 minutes a day. We have a range of books; check out class books or go to the library.
2. Also at home, record daily observations, thoughts, ideas, or feelings in a diary or journal (this will not be turned in for a grade). Good journalists are recorders of important events, people, and ideas; research shows that daily writing increases success.

About this class: A goal of this class is to inspire and encourage students to keep practicing, editing, and refining their skills in creating text. We will learn the history of journalism, print media and explore a deeper understanding of the ways language is used in society to affect a variety of outcomes. Students will develop more skill and confidence in their writing abilities. 
How information is created and disseminated, by whom and for whom, and for what purpose, will be analyzed, discussed, and written about. Students are strongly encouraged to take control of their own learning. In addition to print media, the role of visual images, including photography and editing, will also be explored. Students will also have the opportunity to earn press passes and a role in producing the yearbook.

Tutorials: Tutorials Tuesdays after school, 3:15-3:45 pm (before school 7-7:25 am by prior request).

Conduct: 1. Respect yourself, fellow students, your school, teacher, and property at all times. This means being organized and prepared for learning, listening when someone is speaking, and being thoughtful of others. Your uniqueness, positivity and contribution are needed and valued.
2. In order to facilitate an optimal environment for learning for us all, raise your hand to obtain the go-ahead to comment, ask a question, or leave your seat.

Supplies Needed:

1 Spiral notebook

Pens: Blue, purple, dark green, or black and red

Markers: various colors

Notebook paper


Sticky notes

Tape and/or glue stick

Small "pencil" bag or pouch for supplies

Grades: 60% Major Grades (three per grading period)

 40% Daily Grades (seven per grading period)

Questions: Please feel free to contact me (email or text is best), phone: 281-804-1134, email

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