Ms. Rosalind Johnson

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Rosalind Johnson

Hello & welcome to Rosalind Johnson’s website. This is where you will find handy links to all the wonderful things your terrific kids are doing in their 8th grade class at Stafford Middle School. Check here often to see what they're learning, what they're creating, & what they're experiencing as we journey through 8th grade.

First, to tell you a little bit about myself, I am a graduate of Letourneau University.  This is my 8th year working at SMD, 6TH year working as a teacher, and 4th working as a science teacher.  I am the proud parent of one child.  For recreation, I love reading, photography, cooking & I am looking forward to teaching the wonderful kids at Stafford MSD.

I strive every day to ensure that your child's curriculum achieves the "Three E's." It should be Educational, Engaging & Exciting. I also work hard to integrate other subjects while we cover each portion of the core curriculum. That means that our science unit on Earth Science might very well overlap into math, literature, and ELA.  I always strive to build an element of respect, responsibility, & practical life lessons into their school-work as well.

I look forward to an enrichment year of teaching and learning as my students and I interact with one another.

Rosalind Johnson

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